Steph’s LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week: Next Time on Lonny – Full Interview with Alex Anfanger & Dan Schimpf

As the final credits on the fictional reality show Lonny roll, the doe-eyed, mild-mannered protagonist waxes poetic about his hopes for his bowl-ing-alley date with Bethany. Then comes the teaser for the next episode: Lonny and Bethany’s date is interrupted by a spaceship that bombs New York City! Lonny is enslaved by a desperate race of blue aliens and must work in the salt mines until the aliens are defeated by their nemesis, the Bardox.

Who wouldn’t want to tune in for that? Well, you can’t. But each quick episode of Next Time on Lonny dishes up an equally hilarious, riveting, genre-bending take on where Lonny’s life will go next. Check out my full article on Next Time on Lonny in the LA Weekly HERE and my interview with writer/star Alex Anfanger and writer/director Dan Schimpf about how they made the show below.

How did the idea for Next Time on Lonny come about?

We were originally working on a different script for a television pilot that featured insane and totally unrelated “Next Time On” segments.  However, rather than shoot an entire television pilot (which we really couldn’t afford), we decided to pursue a more manageable web-series that focused solely on those segments. As we started to discuss that concept, we thought it would be funny to pair really extreme circumstances with a mindless and pointless reality TV show. It also seemed like such a great platform to showcase different genres and styles for us — Alex as an actor, and Dan as a director.

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Full Interview with VICE MAGAZINE’S Gavin McInnes about his Digital Feature: How To Be A Man

L-R: Liam Aiken, Gavin McInnes

L-R: Liam Aiken, Gavin McInnes

Mark McCarthy (Gavin McInnes) is dying of breast cancer, which means he has only a matter of months to capture his greatest fatherly advice on film for his unborn son. Ad-vice like: how to fight a bully, how to shoot heroin and how to give a woman amazing oral sex. That last item is a solo performance by McInnes (in a crowded bar) that will have men taking notes for eternity. How to Be a Man, which premieres March 15 on Netflix and digital download, is the second feature from Fox Digital Studios. Check out my review of the film for the LA Weekly HERE and read my full interview with co-writer and star, Gavin McInnes, below.

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LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week – Long Story Short – Full Interview with the Creators

Web series are at their best when they use their brevity and repetitive nature to become a meditation on a theme and mine the smaller moments of our lives for the profound or absurd.  Chapman film students Almog Avidan Antonir and Tom Assam-Miller’s series Long Story Short does just that. Read my full LA Weekly review of the show HERE and check out my full interview with Antonir and Assam-Miller below.

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United Colors of Amani Season 2 Premieres! — Creator Amani Starnes opens up about creating a show about her experiences being biracial in Hollywood

Season two of of writer/actress Amani Starnes web series The United Colors of Amani premieres today and we’re excited! Check out the first episode of the season above. Some of the best indie content on the web comes from mining your own experiences. Azie Mira Dungee made Ask A Slave about her time working as a reenactor at Mt. Vernon. Real couple Allyn Rachel and Patrick Carlyle made Couple Time about the weird moments and conversations long-time couples have together. If your own experiences seem confusing and don’t fit into any box, make a show about that. Amani did, with great results. Check out our interview below on how she made the show and watch all of Season One HERE.

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LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week: Pursuit of Sexiness – Full Interview with Co-Creator/Co-star, Nicole Byer

Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer

Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer

Love is absurd. The nonsensical capriciousness of the heart deserves a web series of equally absurd proportions, and UCB alums Nicole Byer (Girl Code) and Sasheer Zamata (the actress Saturday Night Live picked after its controversial auditions for a black female cast member) are here to provide.
Read my full LA Weekly review of Byer and Zamata’s series Pursuit of Sexiness HERE and check out my interview with Byer below about how they made the show. Be sure to check out Zamata on SNL this coming season as well.

Steph’s LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week – 7p10e – Full Interview with Avital Ash and Kyle McCullough


Every night in January, Cora in New York City and Patrick in L.A. have gone on a date together via Skype. Their mutual friend, actress Alison Pill (The Newsroom), thought they were perfect for each other and set them up on Jan. 1. Their screens exploded with chemistry from the get-go. How do we know this? Because every night they post their adorable, hilarious, intimate, moving, scary, sad, beautiful, four-minutes-or-less Skype date online as the web series 7p10e. Click HERE to read my full review of 7p10e for the LA Weekly.  The show was created by actress Avital Ash and the story developed by writer/director Kyle McCullough as well as Sammi Cohen and co-star Chris Alvarado.  Continue on to read my full interview with Ash and McCullough about making the show.

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Steph’s LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week: 86′d — Full Interview with Charles Miller

The term 86′d, formerly used by organized crime to refer to murdering someone, has long been co-­opted by restaurants to mean something  cut  from  the  menu.  In  the  first  minute  of  indie  web  series  ,  a  slice-­of-­life  comedy  set  in  a  corporate,  cut-­throat restaurant in the Palisades, two servers find themselves 86′d from their jobs during a pre-­shift lineup. Check out my full review of 86′d for the LA Weekly HERE and read my full interview with director and co-creator/writer Charles Miller below. Watch the show at

Steph’s LA Weekly Pick of the Week: Tubbin’ with Tash


Want to hear “Weird Al” Yankovic describe the ’80s in gasps and animal noises? Ever wonder if Sarah Silverman would grow out her pubic hair — if the love of her life asked her to?

So does comedian Natasha Leggero, and she’s not afraid to ask. On her new web faux talk show, Tubbin’ With Tash, Legerro’s gold-spangled, coke-snorting alter ego interviews comedy celebs about whatever the hell she feels like … in a hot tub. Read my full review of Tubbin’ with Tash for the LA Weekly in the print edition this week.  (link up monday). And below, check out my full interview with the always hilarious Natasha.

Why a tub?

It has always been my dream to host America’s first water based talk show.

How did you come to collaborate with Jash for the show and did you develop it with anyone there or come to them with the concept?

I believe I came up with the concept when I realized that if I did a show from my tub I could legally expense the entire price of the tub.

What do you love about having a digital show? What do you hate about it?

I love the lawless nature of youtube being able to say whatever you want and also getting naked if I feel like it.

If you could go tubbing with anyone raised from the dead, who would it be?

Whitney Houston

How did you come up with the character of Pig Bottom? In your imagination, how did Pig Bottom and the Natasha of the show meet?

My husband died and with the four thousand dollars I got from his death I went to the “We be Tubbin” Superstore in Pecoima and Pig Bottom (aka Paul Bottoms) sold me the tub and we had such an instant connection that he decided to leave his wife and kids and move to Hollywood and become my slave.

Speaking of the Natasha of the show… how is she like you and how is she different?

The Natasha of the show definitely wears more jewels in the hot tub. Also she does a lot of cocaine.

Any advice for aspiring digital series creators?

Start an interview show- if you can’t get a hold of a hot tub I would suggest a pond, a slip and slide, or perhaps the LA river.

If you enjoyed this interview, check out Steph’s conversation with comedians Jeremy Luke and Joey Russo about creating their hilarious scripted series about being Jersey actors in Hollywood: Turbo and Joey.

Steph’s LA Weekly Pick of the Week: TEACHERS – Full Interview with the Katydids

 L-R: Katie O'brien, Kathryn Thomas, Kate Lambert, Katy Colloton, Caitlin Barlow, and Cate Freedman. Photo by: Tom McGrath

L-R: Katie O’brien, Kathryn Thomas, Kate Lambert, Katy Colloton, Caitlin Barlow, and Cate Freedman. Photo by: Tom McGrath

They may help mold the future of humanity, but many of our nation’s early educators are just like any 20-something hot messes: They field concerns from parents, inspire students and nurse hangovers on the playground.
The innate humor and danger of this juxtaposition is why director Matt Miller approached another group of young, hot messes, Chicago-based comedy troupe The Katydids, to make a web series about the shit teachers say, and do.
Read my full article on Teachers, the Web Series for the LA Weekly HERE or in this week’s edition of the paper.  Below is my full interview with the Katydids and Matt Miller.
So many sketch teams fall apart as performers go in different directions. Why do you think your specific dynamic works so well and your team has endured?

(Cate Freedman) The Katydids came together when founding member, Caitlin Barlow wanted to silence the voice within that kept saying to her “there’s something about a girl named Kate.” Caitlin knew so many Katies in the improv community who she liked a great deal and wanted to just have a fun one-off show to improvise with a group who all shared the same name.

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Steph’s LA Weekly Web Series of the Week: Conversations With my 2 Year Old – Full Interview with Matthew Clarke

Many parents have found themselves struggling to explain to their child why he has to wear pants in public or why she cannot have another cookie. But only one man made a web series about it.

In May, Canadian filmmaker Matthew Clarke and director Darshan Rickhi launched their web series, Conversations With My 2-Year-Old, with the hilarious conceit that in each true-to-life episode, Clarke’s daughter, Coco, is played by a grown man. Read more of my LA Weekly article on Conversations with my Two Year old HERE, and check out her full interview with Clarke below.

How did the idea for the series come about and especially the idea for it to be a WEB SERIES as opposed to sharing the stories in a different form?

I think anyone who spends a significant amount of time around kids experiences these crazy interactions. I remember one day I sort of stepped back from one of these conversations and I thought, “This is insane. If she were an adult she’d be escorted out of the building right now, but because she’s 3 feet tall and adorable, nobody blinks an eye.” I just felt there was something really funny in that, and so I started writing down these conversations after they would happen and before long I had a collection of these “scripts.” I’ve worked in the film industry for a while now and the idea just seemed perfectly suited to a web-series. They were these short little vignettes that I felt we could execute really effectively. Also, doing a web-series is really attainable. You don’t need anyone’s permission. You just shoot it and put it up. That was really appealing to me.

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