Show Your Willie at the Digital!

shakespeare-birthdayShakespeare turns 450 this year and YouTube turns 9. What’s YouTuber Brendan Bradley (Squatters, #WalkofShame) doing about it? Doing what YouTubers do best: Digital Creation and Collaboration!

Brendan’s gift to the bard and the YouTube community is bringing to life 450 of Shakespeare’s best speeches and sonnets collectively upload on The Digital Stage before April 23rd — Shakespeare’s birthday. This will create the LARGEST ONLINE ARCHIVE of performed classical speeches in history!

What an awesome gift! And you can be part of it. SHOW THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY YOUR WILLIE [SHAKESPEARE]! Join the #Shakes450 collaboration by uploading your own monologue at: or by emailing Shakes450 a video at


The Digital Stage is a collaborative channel dedicated to exploring & experimenting with live performance art in the digital space. Check out The Digital Stage on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

What the heck is this project?

Shakes450 is a collaborative transmedia project to collect 450 Shakespeare monologues for his upcoming “birthday”April 23rd. So far I’ve captured almost 100 monologues from actors I’ve worked with online and now it’s up to the audience to send in their own so we can get the rest. My hope is people from all over the world will continue to contribute monologues throughout the year! If we succeed, it will be the largest online compilation of Shakespeare performances on YouTube!

What inspired you to create Shakes450?

I got my start performing and producing in the New York theater scene. After the past few years of producing Webseries, I was itching to get back to my roots and get back on stage. But I wanted to find a way to integrate digital media into live performance. When I was studying in London, for Shakespeare’s birthday, The Globe theater opened their doors and allowed anyone to perform a monologue on stage. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life, performing for three tiers of screaming Brits. So I thought it’d be fun to invite some of the greatest web creators to give it a go and show a side of their work that the YouTube audience rarely gets to see.

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Steph’s LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week: Next Time on Lonny – Full Interview with Alex Anfanger & Dan Schimpf

As the final credits on the fictional reality show Lonny roll, the doe-eyed, mild-mannered protagonist waxes poetic about his hopes for his bowl-ing-alley date with Bethany. Then comes the teaser for the next episode: Lonny and Bethany’s date is interrupted by a spaceship that bombs New York City! Lonny is enslaved by a desperate race of blue aliens and must work in the salt mines until the aliens are defeated by their nemesis, the Bardox.

Who wouldn’t want to tune in for that? Well, you can’t. But each quick episode of Next Time on Lonny dishes up an equally hilarious, riveting, genre-bending take on where Lonny’s life will go next. Check out my full article on Next Time on Lonny in the LA Weekly HERE and my interview with writer/star Alex Anfanger and writer/director Dan Schimpf about how they made the show below.

How did the idea for Next Time on Lonny come about?

We were originally working on a different script for a television pilot that featured insane and totally unrelated “Next Time On” segments.  However, rather than shoot an entire television pilot (which we really couldn’t afford), we decided to pursue a more manageable web-series that focused solely on those segments. As we started to discuss that concept, we thought it would be funny to pair really extreme circumstances with a mindless and pointless reality TV show. It also seemed like such a great platform to showcase different genres and styles for us — Alex as an actor, and Dan as a director.

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Full Interview with VICE MAGAZINE’S Gavin McInnes about his Digital Feature: How To Be A Man

L-R: Liam Aiken, Gavin McInnes

L-R: Liam Aiken, Gavin McInnes

Mark McCarthy (Gavin McInnes) is dying of breast cancer, which means he has only a matter of months to capture his greatest fatherly advice on film for his unborn son. Ad-vice like: how to fight a bully, how to shoot heroin and how to give a woman amazing oral sex. That last item is a solo performance by McInnes (in a crowded bar) that will have men taking notes for eternity. How to Be a Man, which premieres March 15 on Netflix and digital download, is the second feature from Fox Digital Studios. Check out my review of the film for the LA Weekly HERE and read my full interview with co-writer and star, Gavin McInnes, below.

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Cross-Format Creation – Bringing a Short Film to the Tiny Series Screen – Interview with Noah Nuer, Co-Creator of Gnome Syndrome

So you’ve got an idea — but is it a web series or a short film or a TV show or a movie? There’s so many options! Here’s my conversation with writer/actor/filmmaker Noah Nuer about his experience creating the award winning short film Turn Right and then adapting it for the web. Check out Noah’s other work HERE. Noah is also the awesome DP behind Hollyweb, the French series about digital hollywood that I am the host of. Check it out for lots of great fast, fun interviews with series creators and behind the scenes footage of web series.

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United Colors of Amani Season 2 Premieres! — Creator Amani Starnes opens up about creating a show about her experiences being biracial in Hollywood

Season two of of writer/actress Amani Starnes web series The United Colors of Amani premieres today and we’re excited! Check out the first episode of the season above. Some of the best indie content on the web comes from mining your own experiences. Azie Mira Dungee made Ask A Slave about her time working as a reenactor at Mt. Vernon. Real couple Allyn Rachel and Patrick Carlyle made Couple Time about the weird moments and conversations long-time couples have together. If your own experiences seem confusing and don’t fit into any box, make a show about that. Amani did, with great results. Check out our interview below on how she made the show and watch all of Season One HERE.

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Create a Parody or Fan Fiction Web Series for an Instant Fan Base

Looking for inspiration for a web series or short? Hoping to find a topic that gets a very specific and large audience excited about your show? Why not produce your own fan fiction web series or parody?
Tons of fan sites and twitter feeds probably already exist for your show — and if you make your series with respect for the characters, smart references, and make it entertaining to boot – fellow fans will love watching your show as much as you loved making it. Check out parody law to make sure you’re not breaching copyright. But someone just created a store called DUMB STARBUCKS, using all Starbuck’s logos… so whatever you wanna parody, there’s probably a way.

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YouTube At Sundance! — How New Media and Director Justin Simien are Paving the Cinematic Way



Justin and I roaming the hallways of the Yarrow Hotel

Justin and I roaming the hallways of the Yarrow Hotel

Tangled Web reporter Erin Stegeman got the DL on YouTube at Sundance this year. Check out how the digital entertainment revolution is knocking at the door of the indie film world….

In a digital world of make-up tutorials, cat videos, and canon-ball fails now comes…

an ally in filmmaking???

YouTube joins the Sundance Film Festival’s 30th year with its first ever lounge on Main Street.  From a plethora of panels on How to Grow Your Audience to free yoga for those willing to best their hangovers at 7:30am, YouTube has officially invited themselves to the filmmaking party – and they brought the good alcohol.

Two Hopeful Spinsters and their Epic YouTube Channel of Content


Heather Olt and Dellany Peace not only made a ten episode web series about two wacky wonderful spinsters taking on the world like Thelma and Louise and redefining the independent woman, they also created a massive amount of minisodes and extra content so their series could continue to draw constantly consuming eyeballs on a multitude of platforms.  I spoke with Heather and Dellany about their process and what they learned. Check out the series HERE on there well-executed website packed with content:

How did you two come up with the idea for the series?

One day we were meeting for coffee at Cahuenga De Sol. Dellany had just completed extra work for Roscoes Chicken & Waffles and Heather had just been cast as a “hopeful spinster” on the NBC comedy Up All Night. Looking at her frumpy wardrobe description, Heather exclaimed, “am I REALLY a Spinster?” Dellany replied, “I dunno. Let’s look it up.” She quickly Googled it and happily said, “I’m a spinster TOO!” It was then we discovered the actual definition of a spinster: an unmarried woman beyond the average marrying age (which is currently 27 in U.S.A.). At that moment the lightbulb went on:


Two extremely good looking women in their 30′s sip coffee; one ravishing redhead, the other a buxom brunette

This would be a great idea for a show! if we’re –

Spinsters…there are millions just like us. Let’s make a—

show about redefining the word “SPINSTER” in the 21st Century!!!

The spinsters excitedly scream…and are soon asked to leave the premises.


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Steph’s LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week: Little Horribles

Little horribles include: the moment you realize your junk food binge from the mini bar on your family’s vacation cost them over a hundred dollars. The moment it dawns on you that not offering to switch seats on an airplane made you an enormous asshole. The moment someone catches you masturbating in L.A. traffic…ok, maybe that one only happens to Amy.

Mix the self-referential loathing of Louie with the satirical self-involvement of Girls and you’ve got indie web series Little Horribles, created by and starring L.A. comedian Amy York Rubin.

Read my full review of Little Horribles for the LA Weekly HERE. Or click one of the pictures below to read my full interviews with writer/director/producer/star Amy York Rubin (left) and executive producer Issa Rae (Awkward Black Girl)  about creating the show.



Steph’s LA Weekly Pick of the Week: Tubbin’ with Tash


Want to hear “Weird Al” Yankovic describe the ’80s in gasps and animal noises? Ever wonder if Sarah Silverman would grow out her pubic hair — if the love of her life asked her to?

So does comedian Natasha Leggero, and she’s not afraid to ask. On her new web faux talk show, Tubbin’ With Tash, Legerro’s gold-spangled, coke-snorting alter ego interviews comedy celebs about whatever the hell she feels like … in a hot tub. Read my full review of Tubbin’ with Tash for the LA Weekly in the print edition this week.  (link up monday). And below, check out my full interview with the always hilarious Natasha.

Why a tub?

It has always been my dream to host America’s first water based talk show.

How did you come to collaborate with Jash for the show and did you develop it with anyone there or come to them with the concept?

I believe I came up with the concept when I realized that if I did a show from my tub I could legally expense the entire price of the tub.

What do you love about having a digital show? What do you hate about it?

I love the lawless nature of youtube being able to say whatever you want and also getting naked if I feel like it.

If you could go tubbing with anyone raised from the dead, who would it be?

Whitney Houston

How did you come up with the character of Pig Bottom? In your imagination, how did Pig Bottom and the Natasha of the show meet?

My husband died and with the four thousand dollars I got from his death I went to the “We be Tubbin” Superstore in Pecoima and Pig Bottom (aka Paul Bottoms) sold me the tub and we had such an instant connection that he decided to leave his wife and kids and move to Hollywood and become my slave.

Speaking of the Natasha of the show… how is she like you and how is she different?

The Natasha of the show definitely wears more jewels in the hot tub. Also she does a lot of cocaine.

Any advice for aspiring digital series creators?

Start an interview show- if you can’t get a hold of a hot tub I would suggest a pond, a slip and slide, or perhaps the LA river.

If you enjoyed this interview, check out Steph’s conversation with comedians Jeremy Luke and Joey Russo about creating their hilarious scripted series about being Jersey actors in Hollywood: Turbo and Joey.