Should YouTube be more like Traditional TV?


Companies like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have changed how we watch television. We want to watch what we want whenever we want it and we care much less whether its on a big screen TV or on our phones. We will binge watch an entire season in 2 days or wait months for a new three minute video.

Web innovator Carey Martell wants his online TV platform, Martell TV, to make it easier to find a stream of content you will enjoy on the Internet. He claims his platform will synthesize the best things about cable TV and the best things about Youtube as well as revive local television and allow creators like you to “become your own media tycoon. Build your own version of ABC, HBO or MTV from YouTube videos.” Check out his indiegogo campaign video below. Where do you think media consumption is headed?

5 Minute Episode – Behind the Scenes at the LA WEB FEST

Are you considering attending the LA WEB FEST? Watch my 5 minute behind the scenes episode of Hollyweb – the French series on digital hollywood that I host – and get a taste of what it’s like. It’s HUGE and there are lost of interesting panels and speakers as well as creators from around the WORLD.

BUT – as the creator of the series says himself, it’s like the “Public School” of web series. Almost everyone gets in and there is a HUGE range of quality. The screening rooms are not the nicest and you get a feeling its more quantity over quality.

That being said, it’s a great way to get the word out about your series, garner awards and meet other creators and even festival runners from around the world.

I hope this short vid helps you make the decision that’s right for your series.


Show Your Willie at the Digital!

shakespeare-birthdayShakespeare turns 450 this year and YouTube turns 9. What’s YouTuber Brendan Bradley (Squatters, #WalkofShame) doing about it? Doing what YouTubers do best: Digital Creation and Collaboration!

Brendan’s gift to the bard and the YouTube community is bringing to life 450 of Shakespeare’s best speeches and sonnets collectively upload on The Digital Stage before April 23rd — Shakespeare’s birthday. This will create the LARGEST ONLINE ARCHIVE of performed classical speeches in history!

What an awesome gift! And you can be part of it. SHOW THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY YOUR WILLIE [SHAKESPEARE]! Join the #Shakes450 collaboration by uploading your own monologue at: or by emailing Shakes450 a video at


The Digital Stage is a collaborative channel dedicated to exploring & experimenting with live performance art in the digital space. Check out The Digital Stage on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

What the heck is this project?

Shakes450 is a collaborative transmedia project to collect 450 Shakespeare monologues for his upcoming “birthday”April 23rd. So far I’ve captured almost 100 monologues from actors I’ve worked with online and now it’s up to the audience to send in their own so we can get the rest. My hope is people from all over the world will continue to contribute monologues throughout the year! If we succeed, it will be the largest online compilation of Shakespeare performances on YouTube!

What inspired you to create Shakes450?

I got my start performing and producing in the New York theater scene. After the past few years of producing Webseries, I was itching to get back to my roots and get back on stage. But I wanted to find a way to integrate digital media into live performance. When I was studying in London, for Shakespeare’s birthday, The Globe theater opened their doors and allowed anyone to perform a monologue on stage. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life, performing for three tiers of screaming Brits. So I thought it’d be fun to invite some of the greatest web creators to give it a go and show a side of their work that the YouTube audience rarely gets to see.

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Want a free HD screening of your web series in front of industry pros?


The 4th Tuesday of every month (Yep, including tomorrow) the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica hosts The Web Show Show.

They screen episodes of six different series on their HD projector for a panel of industry pro judges, who offer FEEDBACK. For example, TOMORROW’S show judges are: Jermaine Johnson from 3 Arts Entertainment, Kristin Gerhart from Cutters LA, and Patrick Raymond from LD Entertainment

Following the pattern of Channel 101, the audience will vote on which creator gets to show another episode at the next screening and they a gift card for something yummy.

It’s FREE to submit your series — none of this festival entry fee crap. And it’s $5.00 to attend.  Bring all your friends and show off your show! Obviously… that would be stacking the votes, but hey, friends are fans too right?

If you’re creating a series, or thinking about creating a series, here’s a great place to go watch and learn how different types of shows play for an audience – what works, what doesn’t, why? You could meet some cool people whose work you really like! You could get a boost of confidence about your own work! HERE’S where you buy tix.

Check out The Web Show Show’s facebook page for more info.

And thanks to Ted Evans of the web series Funemployed for bringing The Web Show to TW’s attention.

Topical Musical Parody Web Series Installment #2: SHOULD I FRACK YOU?

Ever wonder what the F is with fracking? Why are people freaking out on both sides of the aisle? Check out my latest topical musical parody and decide for yourself. It’s called SHOULD I FRACK YOU? — ala Cee Lo Green’s FORGET YOU.

This is part of my mission addressed in THIS POST, that if the powers that be in Hollywood wont let you in the club, create your own club!

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A Chance to Pitch Your Comedy Web Series to Executives at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival

Just For Laughs ComedyPRO

Just For Laughs Teams With The IAWTV
For the 2014 Edition of Pitch ’Til Your Sides Split:
Web Series Pitch ProgramTo be held at the 7th edition of ComedyPRO
from July 24 – 26, 2014

Submission deadline: May 9, 2014 at midnight (PT)
IAWTV and Just for Laughs invite you – the writers, producers, comics and web series creators on the cutting edge of comedy – to present your WEB SERIES in the 1st annual joint pitch initiative, slated for the Just for Laughs ComedyPRO Conference in Montreal, July 24-26, 2014. A maximum of five (5) projects will be selected and presented to a panel of leading comedy industry executives and decision-makers in an open-forum pitch session. Accepted applicants will be given five (5) minutes to present their work to a panel of experts in this unique opportunity and gain unparalleled access to top comedy industry professionals.

NOTE: The TV and Web Series categories are open to applicants worldwide. Members of the selected teams will receive INDUSTRY passes to Just For Laughs ComedyPRO and Festival.

Submission and Eligibility Requirements:Pitch ‘Til Your Sides Split: Web Series Pitch Program 2014

I’m learning too. In the new Hollywood, don’t wait for anyone. Just DO IT!

I made this topical musical parody Let it Go, Putin! (ala Let it Go from Frozen) about Russia’s recent defacto invasion of Ukraine, for an audition for UCB’s Quick & Funny Musicals. I was nervous about getting into the company (still waiting to hear!) because I thought THIS was my opportunity to combine my past life as a musical theater singer with my current life writing comedy and to get to perform again.

But making this audition video made me finally hear what all the creators I interview on this blog always say – You don’t have to wait for anyone. Just do it. – And so whether or not I get in the company, I plan to continue making topical parody music videos, honing my skills and getting better as I go. Like next time I’m gonna figure out how to embed pictures instead of holding up cut outs — that was hard to coordinate while singing! Just wanted to share my little epiphany with all you creators. In the new Hollywood, all you need is a friend with an iphone, smart content, and tenacity. I’m also posting this as a challenge to myself. Don’t give up, just keep creating, we’re all learning as we go.

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The World of New Zealand Web Series – or – New Zealand Film #NotJustHobbits

Flock of sheep, New Zealand, Pacific

Captive audience.

Web series are becoming  popular all over the world. From Marseilles to Vancouver to Hollywood, festivals are popping up to celebrate the genre and award exceptional shows.

I just got back from my honeymoon in New Zealand (I’m actually a Kiwi transplant from Christchurch myself), so of course I started asking myself — what’s it like to create web series in NZ?

Sure Aotearoa may have made a name for itself in the film industry as the location of Kiwi Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series and the shooting location of the next three Avatar movies, but with limited local industry opportunities, few TV channels and film funding available only for approved subject matter, aspiring film makers on this island of 4.4 million are turning their creative energies to the web with increasing enthusiasm.

And the GOVERNMENT is helping fund them — up to NZ $100k per series! Holy cow.

Fiona Powell

Fiona Powell

But where can current and future eyeballs go to see all these series? Luckily, award-winning magazine editor and publisher, film maker and entrepreneur Fiona Powell has created a sleek platform for NZ to show off its best and its brightest:  Web Series Channel – NZ’s home of indie web TV.  Here’s my interview with Fiona about everything going on in digital on the Land of the Long White Cloud.

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YouTube At Sundance! — How New Media and Director Justin Simien are Paving the Cinematic Way



Justin and I roaming the hallways of the Yarrow Hotel

Justin and I roaming the hallways of the Yarrow Hotel

Tangled Web reporter Erin Stegeman got the DL on YouTube at Sundance this year. Check out how the digital entertainment revolution is knocking at the door of the indie film world….

In a digital world of make-up tutorials, cat videos, and canon-ball fails now comes…

an ally in filmmaking???

YouTube joins the Sundance Film Festival’s 30th year with its first ever lounge on Main Street.  From a plethora of panels on How to Grow Your Audience to free yoga for those willing to best their hangovers at 7:30am, YouTube has officially invited themselves to the filmmaking party – and they brought the good alcohol.

New Web Series PR firm GO TEAM ENTERTAINMENT Plans to Help Bring More Eyes to Online Series

John Halbach and Kit Williamson

John Halbrach and Kit Williamson

Kit Williamson, writer/director/star of the award winning web series Eastsiders (which just had it’s television debut on LogoTV) and actor/producer John Halbach, who also stars in Eastsiders, are hoping to share their know-how of the web world with their new Web Series PR firm GoTeamEntertainment. In addition to landing features on their own series in Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, LA Weekly, The Advocate, and more, their first client — new web series Only In HelLA, has blown up on Reddit and been featured in The Huffington Post after only releasing a trailer and one episode. I spoke with Kit and John about how their new company works and how they’re getting web series the notice they deserve.

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