L.A. Weekly’s Top Ten Web Series of 2014

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The web series has come a long way in the last few years. Critical acclaim, star power and an increasing number of web-to-TV success stories have raised awareness and respect for the genre.

Of course, this has encouraged thousands of hopeful creators to turn their attentions to the tiny screen. This explosion of content means it’s harder than ever for shows to stand out from the crowd and audiences to find series worth watching.

To help you out, CLICK HERE to see my L.A. Weekly picks for the TOP TEN WEB MUST-SEE WEB SERIES of 2014.

Web Series PR Guru Brian Rodda Discusses Promoting Your Web Series and Pitching Your Idea as Branded Entertainment

Tangled Web:

Back in January 2013, Tangled Web spoke to Digital Strategist Brian Rodda about his experience in Web Series PR and Branded Entertainment. This week Brian was interviewed by Emmy.com and had some awesome new insights into this ever changing field. Check out his recent interview HERE for some great tips!


And check out our interview with Brian from last year below. :-)

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Brian Rodda has worked with some of the most prominent web series out there, including Jane Espenson & Brad “Cheeks” Bell’s Husbands, Matt Enlow’s Squaresville, and Tai Fauci’s Whole Day Down.  In addition to running Brian Rodda Consulting, Brian teaches the course “How To Get Your First 10,000 Views” at web series school CreatorUp!

So what does a Web Series PR man actually do?

I specialize my services for every client. For some, I just do straight PR and social media posts. I send out press releases, get people talking about them on the right blogs, tweet and post for them.  For others, I am also the actual online voice of their web series. I am the one who engages and follows up with their audience. That takes the most hours and is the most expensive service.

I also offer advice on web site design, help…

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Funny Sketches from the Female Perspective

Hey all you creative kids out there! Just wanted to share my sketch team’s first vid: TEXT DECODER! Developed by my team JUSTBOOBS SKETCH, written by me, based on real life necessity!

Ever asked a friend for advice/analysis about a text conversation? Why not call TEXT DECODER!

#JUSTBOOBS Sketch — Funny from the Female Perspective

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LA Weekly Web Series of the Week: The Impression Guys – Full interviews with Writer/Director Ben Shelton, & Actors Jim Meskimen and Ross Marquand

Jim Meskimen and Ross Marquand have successful careers as celebrity impressionists. Their Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad will blow your mind. But along with dexterous vocal cords, they share the frequent desire to drop their lucrative party tricks and perform as themselves. Or, rather, as fictional versions of themselves.

The duo’s real-life struggle to be recognized as dramatic actors is the subject of writer-director Ben Shelton’s scripted, TV-length, online comedy series The Impression Guys for Rainn Wilson’s YouTube channel, Soul Pancake. Check out the first episode above and click on one of the pics below to see my full interview with writer/director Ben Shelton or the impression guys themselves, Jim and Ross. You can read my full review of the show for LA Weekly HERE.

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Interview with Jim Meskimen and Ross Marquand


Interview with Ben Shelton – Writer/Director

Interview with Rebecca Norris – Ceator of LAWebFest Nominated Thriller/Soap Web Series SPLIT

Award winning filmmaker Rebecca Norris has a bi-weekly column in Script Magazine called Writers on the Web about… making web series! It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn more about the processes of casting, gathering crew, raising money and promoting indie series on the web. This week I spoke with Norris about her own latest web series, SPLIT, which will be screening at the LA Web Fest at the end of March. I know we cover a lot of comedies here, so it’s great to get to share the experience of a thriller/soap series creator, for all of you pursuing that genre. SPLIT follows Dana Lafferty, a devoted wife and mother who receives an anonymous letter revealing that her husband of 15 years, James, has been leading a double-life and you can watch it HERE. Below is our interview.

The Tangled Web Team Reviews: TEACHERS!

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TeachersscorecardcropTeachers is an episodic comedy web series from The Onion and Chicago based improv and sketch group The Katydids. Each short episode follows the trials of a team of elementary school teachers facing overbearing parents, bratty children, and their own demons.  Watch Teachers…


Igor Pic“What makes this series stand out is how much character it’s able to squeeze out from so little running time. Some of that comes from using a real school location with real elementary school-aged kids, but more so it is from the beautiful, realistic yet comedically-heightened acting from the six lead women. ” Read Igor’s full review…


ERIN-244“There are four main components to a successful comedic web series:  brevity, timing, believably, and originality.  Teachers makes the grade in all categories.” Read Erin’s full review…


smilecrop” Each sketch is stand alone funny while also connecting with the other stories to create an appropriately hysterical character arc for each teacher; no easy feat for sketch.”  Read Danielle’s full review…


image“It’s no surprise that the Onion is the engine driving Teachers with such finesse. Like the dummy newspaper, Teachers has a clever way of tricking its audience into submitting to its point of view.” Read Lorelei’s full review…

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