Topical Musical Parody Web Series Installment #2: SHOULD I FRACK YOU?

Ever wonder what the F is with fracking? Why are people freaking out on both sides of the aisle? Check out my latest topical musical parody and decide for yourself. It’s called SHOULD I FRACK YOU? — ala Cee Lo Green’s FORGET YOU.

This is part of my mission addressed in THIS POST, that if the powers that be in Hollywood wont let you in the club, create your own club!

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Full Interview with VICE MAGAZINE’S Gavin McInnes about his Digital Feature: How To Be A Man

L-R: Liam Aiken, Gavin McInnes

L-R: Liam Aiken, Gavin McInnes

Mark McCarthy (Gavin McInnes) is dying of breast cancer, which means he has only a matter of months to capture his greatest fatherly advice on film for his unborn son. Ad-vice like: how to fight a bully, how to shoot heroin and how to give a woman amazing oral sex. That last item is a solo performance by McInnes (in a crowded bar) that will have men taking notes for eternity. How to Be a Man, which premieres March 15 on Netflix and digital download, is the second feature from Fox Digital Studios. Check out my review of the film for the LA Weekly HERE and read my full interview with co-writer and star, Gavin McInnes, below.

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A Chance to Pitch Your Comedy Web Series to Executives at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival

Just For Laughs ComedyPRO

Just For Laughs Teams With The IAWTV
For the 2014 Edition of Pitch ’Til Your Sides Split:
Web Series Pitch ProgramTo be held at the 7th edition of ComedyPRO
from July 24 – 26, 2014

Submission deadline: May 9, 2014 at midnight (PT)
IAWTV and Just for Laughs invite you – the writers, producers, comics and web series creators on the cutting edge of comedy – to present your WEB SERIES in the 1st annual joint pitch initiative, slated for the Just for Laughs ComedyPRO Conference in Montreal, July 24-26, 2014. A maximum of five (5) projects will be selected and presented to a panel of leading comedy industry executives and decision-makers in an open-forum pitch session. Accepted applicants will be given five (5) minutes to present their work to a panel of experts in this unique opportunity and gain unparalleled access to top comedy industry professionals.

NOTE: The TV and Web Series categories are open to applicants worldwide. Members of the selected teams will receive INDUSTRY passes to Just For Laughs ComedyPRO and Festival.

Submission and Eligibility Requirements:Pitch ‘Til Your Sides Split: Web Series Pitch Program 2014

I’m learning too. In the new Hollywood, don’t wait for anyone. Just DO IT!

I made this topical musical parody Let it Go, Putin! (ala Let it Go from Frozen) about Russia’s recent defacto invasion of Ukraine, for an audition for UCB’s Quick & Funny Musicals. I was nervous about getting into the company (still waiting to hear!) because I thought THIS was my opportunity to combine my past life as a musical theater singer with my current life writing comedy and to get to perform again.

But making this audition video made me finally hear what all the creators I interview on this blog always say – You don’t have to wait for anyone. Just do it. – And so whether or not I get in the company, I plan to continue making topical parody music videos, honing my skills and getting better as I go. Like next time I’m gonna figure out how to embed pictures instead of holding up cut outs — that was hard to coordinate while singing! Just wanted to share my little epiphany with all you creators. In the new Hollywood, all you need is a friend with an iphone, smart content, and tenacity. I’m also posting this as a challenge to myself. Don’t give up, just keep creating, we’re all learning as we go.

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Interview with Rebecca Norris – Ceator of LAWebFest Nominated Thriller/Soap Web Series SPLIT

Award winning filmmaker Rebecca Norris has a bi-weekly column in Script Magazine called Writers on the Web about… making web series! It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn more about the processes of casting, gathering crew, raising money and promoting indie series on the web. This week I spoke with Norris about her own latest web series, SPLIT, which will be screening at the LA Web Fest at the end of March. I know we cover a lot of comedies here, so it’s great to get to share the experience of a thriller/soap series creator, for all of you pursuing that genre. SPLIT follows Dana Lafferty, a devoted wife and mother who receives an anonymous letter revealing that her husband of 15 years, James, has been leading a double-life and you can watch it HERE. Below is our interview.

Tangled Web Team Reviews Indie Web Series 7p10e:

4.25 CLICKS   
(out of 5)


7p10e is a scripted romantic comedy following two people getting to know each other from across the country via four minute skype dates every night. –  Watch 7p10e here…


Samara Bay-Kelsey Sammy-0041

” 7p10e is wildly inventive and wildly touching… its most impressive feat is being so unpretentiously, gut-punchingly moving. ” Read Samara’s full review…


ERIN-244“Universal, innovative, and sustainable on a next-to-nothing budget, 7p10e is what web series are made of.  Read Erin’s full review…


furry boots
“Watch this show. Giggle, blush, be creative, be joyful, have hope, and ring in the New Year with love and goats.”  Read Jacqui’s full review…

sc07ed7e45“There are real sparks between series creator Avital Ash and her co-star Chris Alvarado.” Read Abdi’s full review…

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Cross-Format Creation – Bringing a Short Film to the Tiny Series Screen – Interview with Noah Nuer, Co-Creator of Gnome Syndrome

So you’ve got an idea — but is it a web series or a short film or a TV show or a movie? There’s so many options! Here’s my conversation with writer/actor/filmmaker Noah Nuer about his experience creating the award winning short film Turn Right and then adapting it for the web. Check out Noah’s other work HERE. Noah is also the awesome DP behind Hollyweb, the French series about digital hollywood that I am the host of. Check it out for lots of great fast, fun interviews with series creators and behind the scenes footage of web series.

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