The #1 Web Series You Should Watch This Holiday Season

“Big Country Blues” Trailer from Brian A Ross on Vimeo.

Give yourself the gift this Thanksgiving weekend of doing something you have NEVER done before:  Watch a 10 minute episode of a dramatic web series.  I know, I know, the cat littler needs changing and there’s a funny SNL sketch on Hulu you want to show to your uncle Mick from Chicago who sells chairs out of a back of a van, but seriously. Grab someone you love and physically force them to watch one episode of the award winning web series Big Country Blues with you.  I promise you’ll be begging everyone else around to open their laptops and catch up with you, so you can all watch episode two together.

The first season of Big Country Blues is five episodes long, each about ten minutes. It tells the story of Grayson “Big Country” Ricker (Jeremy McComb), a talented Kentucky singer/songwriter used to singing his songs around a campfire of his closest friends, until his girlfriend and big city best bud urge him to go to Nashville to compete in an exploitative country music Reality Show.

The original music played live in the series is gorgeous and I am not some big country music fan.  The characters and every scene are so well crafted and acted that each exchange of very few words communicates a novel of lives lived and lives not.  To me, this series is the perfect example of how storytelling for the web can actually make us BETTER storytellers, because every moment is precious.

I was truly blown away by the quality of this five episode story, expertly crafted and produced by writer/director Brian A. Ross.  I’ll be publishing an interview I did with Brian next month, but until then, I can’t encourage you more to turn off the lights, turn up the sound on your computer, and give this show a chance.

The Big Country Blues website is also beautiful and a lot of fun.  There’s a blog, behind the scenes extras, and an ‘artist of the month’ featured off the soundtrack of the show.

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