YouTube Could Fund Your Web Series – Check Out Their New 41,000-sq ft Studio For Their Creators

Photo by: Christina House, Los Angeles Times – Puppeteers and actors film the new Web Series “Learning Town” at the new YouTube facilities. -Christina House, Los Angeles Times

YouTube has now invested $300 million dollars in it’s original content channels and has just opened a 41,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art studio for its creators in Playa Del Rey.

The LA Times published a great article on Friday about YouTube’s new production facility where their creators will have access to state of the art equipment, facilities, classes and more.  From the article: “Everything about this facility is about putting creators in settings that they may not have been in before,” said Liam Collins, head of the YouTube Space. “The facility is all about being more ambitious with your content, and this is a place where you can see the possibilities.”  – Check out the rest of the article HERE.

This past May, YouTube presented three of it’s channels and itself at the advertising upfronts for the first time.  The NY Times wrote a great who/what/why article called Small Screens, Big Dollars about what’s being called the NewFronts or new upfronts, which encourage marketers and agencies to spend more money on digital ads.

This signifies a huge shift in viewers, and therefore hopefully ad revenue and ultimately production money, to the web.  Advertisers like the idea of investing in SERIES TYPE CONTENT on the web, so you may not need to make your web series just to sell your TV show anymore.  Your web series IS the show.

See the list of YouTube’s funded original channels HERE.  Could your concept fit at one of these channels? If so, you might have some funding and a state of the art studio at your fingertips faster than you think.

Photo By Christina House, Los Angeles Times -The new You Tube studio for its creators in Playa Del Rey



3 thoughts on “YouTube Could Fund Your Web Series – Check Out Their New 41,000-sq ft Studio For Their Creators

  1. I hate the list of funded shows. It reads like a list of mediocrity. Love google as a platform maker, hate it as a production company or corporate “decider”. The more the growing web-series community can avoid owing their success to potential censors the more valuable their work.

    I think your writing is great though. Would you ever consider being a contributor on It’s rough right now but we’re working on it.

    • Agreed, for the most part. YouTube really is not the place for narrative content. Yet. The channels receiving funding are the ones making the content decisions, and their decisions are based on who’s getting views… therefore on who is actually using youtube and what they want. I think the Soulpancake channel is doing some great work, MyDamnChannel has some decent stuff, and IGN’s START channel has narrative web series called Game Shop that I think is great and is doing well views wise too. But it’s for the gaming audience, which is probably the major audience for narrative content online in general. YouTube is just one platform anyway, Koldcast, Blip, Jts, etc. are creating Web Series networks specifically for online content. They just need to get their views up so they can get the ad revenue to help actually fund PRODUCTION. Glad you are enjoying the site. I’ll message you off the board re: writing for ComedyTVisDead. Enjoyed your site as well!

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