Interview with Melinda Hill about her new show All Growz Up

allgrowzupWhy do you think “What did you want to be when you grew up?” is an important or telling question to ask someone?

It’s fascinating and insightful to get a glimpse into what a person was like as a child. When you see their sweet kid pics and hear their childhood aspirations, how they’ve succeeded and what they’ve overcome to get there, it’s absolutely impossible not to fall in love with them. You get to see the humanity behind the comedic persona.

Why did you decide to ask this to comedians specifically? 

Succeeding at comedy is virtually impossible– I think it may be one of the hardest things in the world to do– so it’s almost like interviewing unicorns. Also we film it at my comedy show which is a great resource with the best comedians always hanging out there, and it gives them something to do while waiting to go on stage. I’m super into using every part of the buffalo for everything I do; I love when something can serve several purposes. That said, in future seasons I’d like to open it up to accomplished people in all fields.

Have you noticed trends in comedians answers? 

No! That’s what makes each interview so interesting and unique.

Where are they coming from when they enter the back alley? What’s behind the door??

Behind the alley door is trash. The door actually has a small placard that says “trash” on it so before they enter they are literally standing in garbage. One person flat out refused to do it which of course we supported 100% and in fact we were surprised that the other 19 people were such good sports about it.

Can you talk a little about how you had the idea for the show and how that changed as you put it together, edited, collaborated, got it up on the site?

Yes, it started as a podcast that I did with Jillian Lauren called “Eat My Podcast.” When we stopped doing that I decided to do it as a web series because while I love podcasts, people don’t always have time to commit to an hour thing. This series is appealing because it gets to the heart of the matter; you’re in and out in under 3-4 minutes, with valuable wisdom nuggets and some laughs. To me it’s just a practical progression to a post podcast era.

Do you do more than one take or is it just… whatever comes out?

We do one take and it’s whatever comes out! It’s the beauty of unscripted and spontaneous magic!the only tough part was cutting out so much funny dialogue to get the episodes down to 3 minutes.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be the world’s youngest published author. When I set out to complete my first book at 8 years old and didn’t succeed, I felt like a complete failure and that began a long, uphill battle with paralyzing perfectionism. But I’m a writer now working in several mediums so ultimately it all worked out.

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