Steph’s L.A. Weekly Valentines Day Series of the Week: Online Daters & Swipe Click Bang

After roommates, dating is probably the second most saturated subject matter in digital video, but these two series manage to stand out from the horde. Read my full review of both series for the LA Weekly HERE or in the paper this week.

Click on the PHOTO for my interview with the creators of each featured series. Click the NAME of the series to watch it online.

Online Daters

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.14.45 PM (1)

Swipe, Click Bang


Shane English and Jake Hames – Co-Op Life, An Episodic Web Series of Video Game Spoofs that Gained Machinima Distribution

Writer/Director Shane English taught himself major post-production special effects to make a high-tech, low budget video game spoof series.  Each week these two friends find themselves interacting in the world of a different video game.  Check out my interview English and co-creator and star Jake Hames about how they produced the series and got it distributed by HERE.