Interview with the writer/creators of Warner Brothers’ H+: The Digital Series

H+: The Digital Series, Warner Premiere Digital’s apocalyptic tale of computer implants in the human mind, is my recommendation this Thursday in the LA Weekly for the Best of the Web. You can read my article on the LA WEEKLY website HERE or check it out in the print edition in the FILM section.

The innovative storytelling of first-time creators John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso as well as the insightful direction by Stewart Hendler on what a studio would call a shoe-string budget, was one of the main reasons I wanted to feature this piece. Cabrera and Tommaso created the world of the show back in 2006 and pursued it’s creation through years of setbacks. I think their story is inspirational for writers and exciting for those interested in creating new forms of storytelling specifically for the web. Here is my entire interview with Cosimo and John that I used as research for my LA Weekly piece.

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Aim High – The WB and Facebook’s first Interactive Web Series and Why No One’s Watching

I talk to some of the creators and cast of the WB and Facebook’s first interactive series Aim High.  The series follows Nick Green (Jackson Rathbone, Twilight), a high school CIA operative. It’s produced by the WB, stars a teen hearthrob, is exec produced by McG ( Supernatural, Nikita, Chuck), and allows you to incorporate your own photos and info from Facebook into the series. In web series dollars they have a budget of like a gazillion, so why had none of the high schoolers I interviewed at Fairfax High heard of it?  Find out HERE.