Streamy Awards are Today.

“Content creators who are making web stuff are legitimate quality creators” (no shit Chris Hardwick!) “And we’re gonna celebrate ’em. We’re gonna give ’em awards!” (Thank you Chris Hardwick!)

You can watch the Streamy’s live streaming HERE. I will also be AT the Streamy awards, covering the event for the LA Weekly.  So stay tuned for my article on show recommendations, digital biz info & creator tips coming out next week.

For the past few years (this is only the 3rd annual) these awards have been patting the same group of creators on the back and congratulating each other, and based on the nominee list, it doesn’t look like this year is much different. But as more quality content (yours) arrives on the scene, these awards will get more competitive and hopefully help driving views towards good content as opposed to just honoring those who are able to gain a following.

Interview with Big Country Blues Writer/Director Brian A. Ross


Remember Big Country Blues, that award winning dramatic web series I said was really really worth your time back at Thanksgiving? Well at long last, here is my interview with up and coming writer/director Brian A. Ross.  Brian has had a lot of success with the series and even has distribution lined up in FRANCE. But he made mistakes too, which he shares candidly here for you so you don’t have to do the same.

If you are at all interested in creating a dramatic web series, or if you just enjoy a good story and great film making, I can’t recommend enough taking the time to watch this five episode series about a Kentucky singer/songwriter who goes to Nashville to audition for in an exploitative country music Reality Show.   Ross has crafted each character and scene so well that each moment within this very short narrative speaks volumes. Big Country Blues is an example of how storytelling for the web can actually make us better storytellers, because in this shortened genre, every moment is precious.

“Big Country Blues” Trailer from Brian A Ross on Vimeo.

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Canada Has a FUND for Web Series!?! Canadian TV/Web Writer Barbara Haynes interviews Mark DeAngelis, Co-Creator of Bill & Sons Towing, One of the Select Series to Get Funding from Canada’s IPF

L to R: Tony Lombardo, Jon Smith, Dave Brennan and Eric Toth

When you call a tow truck, things are usually at a low point. If we’re going full
cliche, it’s usually pouring rain, your heel just broke and you’re crazy-late for an
important meeting. But Bill & Sons Towing is a call you’ll happily make. In fact, you’ll stay on the line for the full 10 episodes of this hilarious – and sometimes surprisingly poignant – web series about a floundering tow truck company run by four bickering brothers. I interviewed co-creator Mark DeAngelis about the project, and here’s what he had to say…

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WGA Awards Call For Submissions In New Media And Video Game Categories –

The WGA is calling for submissions for their New Media and Video Game category.  You do NOT need to be a Guild member for your work to be considered, but your series must have been written and produced under a WGA collective bargaining agreement.  It also must have aired between 12/1/11 and 11/30/12

There are no minimums to produce your new media series under a WGA contract, meaning everyone can pretty much work for free if you want.  You do have to pay yourself something, but it can be $1.00.

For more info on how to register your next project with the WGA and be eligible for the awards next year click HERE.  For more info on submitting your WGA registered project this year, check out this article on

WGA Awards Call For Submissions In New Media And Video Game Categories