If I’ve featured a show on this site anywhere, it’s because I think it’s pretty darn good.  This page is where you’ll find my totally subjective and biased recommendations for shows I think are awesomeas I find them.



I’ve been enjoying YouTube speed-rap sensation George Watsky’s series: Watsky’s Making an Album.  Produced by TV/digital production company Electus and the uber talented and versatile production company Kids At Play (who also worked on Game Shop), the episodic show follows Watsky as he tries to make an album to take advantage of a very sketchy record deal.  I like the fact that Watsky has a season long mission to create the album, which keeps you tuning in, but each episode is it’s own self-contained adventure.

This is the first stand-alone web series from NBC Digital Studios. It’s a serialized comedy following office worker Stuart Grundy (Tony Hale) and his magical keyboard that allows him to control the world around him through computer functions.  It’s actually based on a short film that was at Sundance called Ctrl Z and was developed and produced as a web series by SXM Entertainment. You can view it on Hulu.