Steph’s L.A. Weekly Valentines Day Series of the Week: Online Daters & Swipe Click Bang

After roommates, dating is probably the second most saturated subject matter in digital video, but these two series manage to stand out from the horde. Read my full review of both series for the LA Weekly HERE or in the paper this week.

Click on the PHOTO for my interview with the creators of each featured series. Click the NAME of the series to watch it online.

Online Daters

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Swipe, Click Bang


Interview with David S. Samuels CEO of

David S Samuels, CEO of

This week I interviewed David S. Samuels,  CEO, one of the premiere international online networks for web series, short films and documentaries. KoldCast has a very different model and attitude towards content than, whose CEO I interviewed previously.  Most shows launch on a combination of networks or premiere on one and move to others.  David shares his insights on how to view your show as a business and the future of content consumption on the web.

How does a show end up on your site? 

Virtually every show we license has been submitted to us for distribution consideration. At this time KoldCast receives over 125 monthly submissions from filmmakers/producers eager to see their Show on our Network.  We curate from this group and select the shows that meet our internal requirements. Out of each group of monthly submissions, we hope to be able to license six to eight shows.

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Carter Mason CEO of

Carter Mason, Co-Founder and CEO of (Just The Story), one of the premiere indie networks broadcasting web series today, took some time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions about what his site looks for regarding content and where the future of media consumption is headed.  Viewers pay $3.99/month to watch unlimited web series and short film content on the JTS site. They watch with no commercials and content creators get paid much more per view than they do on YouTube.  This is one of many different indie web network models trying to help make online storytelling financially sustainable.

Where do you go (physically and on the web) to scout scripted content for your site? Or do you only use your submission option?

We look at everything submitted to us, but the majority of our shows to date have come through contacts we had prior to starting JTS.TV. All three of the co-founders (Matt Arevalo, Louis Blitzman, and myself) have produced in the independent realm. My primary business used to be working with filmmakers on the business and legal side of film, and some of the first shows were from clients of mine. Continue reading