Starting a YouTube Channel? Find out if Partnering with VISO – BroadbandTV’s Creator Network is Right for You


Distracted by free T-shirt swag, I blindly stumbled into Broadband TV’s booth at VidCon this year.  Between selecting the “Watch Me On….” logo for my t-shirt and managing the two 12 year old girls I had brought with me, I learned about VISO, Broadband’s new networking community for content creators.  Luckily, someone screamed that iJustine had just blinked nearby and the girls ran off, allowing me the pleasure of chatting one on one with Andrew Wall, or Awall, who’s the head of The Gaming Network (TGN) and been with Broadband TV for almost two years.  – Erin Stegeman

What is Viso?  What are some of the benefits of Viso versus any Jo just signing up for a channel on YouTube?
VISO is a network community that consists of passionate video creators in the Gaming, Music, Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle genres. As a part of BroadbandTV, VISO is the 4th largest MCN on YouTube, and continues to grow at a blinding speed. TGN is also a YouTube network under Broadband TV, and focuses solely on gaming. Our tagline is “We Are Gamers” because TGN was built by gamers for gamers. We support gaming YouTubers and help them pursue their passion and make a living doing it. Our partners, staff, and viewers all engage in our
community and eSports events making TGN the only gaming network you can truly participate in. We are the largest eSports YouTube Network, and you can check out our eSports partners and initiatives here.

Steph’s LA Weekly Pick of the Week: Ask A Slave

Azie Mira Dungey at Mount Vernon - photo by Johnny Shryock

Azie Mira Dungey at Mount Vernon – photo by Johnny Shryock

As the disclaimer to my LA Weekly Article this week states, I’ve known Azie Mira Dungey for a while. We studied acting at NYU together and reconnected when my fiance was living in DC a year or so ago. That’s when Azie told us about the museum theater work she’d been doing for the last few years at the Smithsonian, in addition to performing in the DC theater scene, and her most recent gig portraying Caroline Branham, George Washington’s housemaid, at Mount Vernon. Azie was full of stories about the unbelievable questions visiting tourists asked her, ranging from ignorant to blatantly racist. She had us doubled over in laughter with her recitations but also cringing and often horrified. We actually visited her at Mount Vernon and sat in on a Q&A.

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Friends in Therapy – Bare-Bones Online Comedy at Its Best – Full Interview

Joe Towne & Daryl Johnson

Joe Towne & Daryl Johnson

This week in my column for the LA Weekly, I featured the indie web series, Friends In Therapy, which I discovered at the Hollyweb Fest. When I first saw the series, I thought the acting, writing and comedic timing was just brilliant. When I learned the show was completely improvised, I was even more impressed. All eight episodes are under two minutes each so you can watch the whole first season in about fifteen minutes, and I highly recommend it. As you probably guessed, it’s about two friends… in therapy. You can check out my LA Weekly feature on why I like the show so much HERE or in the paper today. In addition, below is my full interview with creator/stars Daryl Johnson and Joe Towne. Enjoy!

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To Season Two, or Not To Season Two? That was the Question for Shilpi Roy and Hipsterhood. Read Why (& How) She Went For It

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 12.14.30 AM
What made you personally want to do a season 2?

I will be totally honest. After season 1 I was totally burned out. If I never heard the word hipster again, it would be too soon. All I wanted to do was move onto my next project, which I envisioned would be – an artsy, dramatic feature film that would only be appreciated by art lovers; the opposite of Hipsterhood. But then all these little twitter and youtube comments kept popping up for me, and it was Hipsterhood fans who really wanted to know what happens to Cereal Guy and Faux Fur Girl. Like, they REALLY wanted to know, and they were upset the story was over. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount of comments, but I started to feel a responsiblity to my fans.

And so, I got over myself, and I wrote season 2. Believe me when I say season 2 is not about money, or fame, or even career-building. Season 2 is happening because the fans made me realize that the story of Hipsterhood is not over.

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Web Series PR Guru Brian Rodda Discusses Promoting Your Web Series and Pitching Your Idea as Branded Entertainment

Brian Rodda

Brian Rodda

Brian Rodda has worked with some of the most prominent web series out there, including Jane Espenson & Brad “Cheeks” Bell’s Husbands, Matt Enlow’s Squaresville, and Tai Fauci’s Whole Day Down.  In addition to running Brian Rodda Consulting, Brian teaches the course “How To Get Your First 10,000 Views” at web series school CreatorUp!

So what does a Web Series PR man actually do?

I specialize my services for every client. For some, I just do straight PR and social media posts. I send out press releases, get people talking about them on the right blogs, tweet and post for them.  For others, I am also the actual online voice of their web series. I am the one who engages and follows up with their audience. That takes the most hours and is the most expensive service.

I also offer advice on web site design, help them strategize and choose platforms to reach their target audience and viewership goals.  If a client wants to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, I help them do that.  If I’m actually connecting them with agents, then it becomes more of a management position.

For most services, clients hire me on a monthly retainer priced for what they are interested in.  I always recommend starting with a 3 month retainer since you have to spend a while planting seeds. By week 6 or 7 things usually start to bloom.

For those who can’t really afford a retainer, I offer private consultations.  It’s four hours and I go through the whole buffet.  Where are you at in your process? Where do you want to be? Lets figure out your target audience. Here’s the blogs you should be contacting. I wont give away all my tricks, since that’s my living. I might send one email for you, but that private consultation is catching you up on the current happenings, the circles you need to be in, and what you can do yourself to move forward.

“People are finally realizing that scripted content on the web is its own sandbox. They’re not trying to make TV lite.”

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Interview with Big Country Blues Writer/Director Brian A. Ross


Remember Big Country Blues, that award winning dramatic web series I said was really really worth your time back at Thanksgiving? Well at long last, here is my interview with up and coming writer/director Brian A. Ross.  Brian has had a lot of success with the series and even has distribution lined up in FRANCE. But he made mistakes too, which he shares candidly here for you so you don’t have to do the same.

If you are at all interested in creating a dramatic web series, or if you just enjoy a good story and great film making, I can’t recommend enough taking the time to watch this five episode series about a Kentucky singer/songwriter who goes to Nashville to audition for in an exploitative country music Reality Show.   Ross has crafted each character and scene so well that each moment within this very short narrative speaks volumes. Big Country Blues is an example of how storytelling for the web can actually make us better storytellers, because in this shortened genre, every moment is precious.

“Big Country Blues” Trailer from Brian A Ross on Vimeo.

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Canada Has a FUND for Web Series!?! Canadian TV/Web Writer Barbara Haynes interviews Mark DeAngelis, Co-Creator of Bill & Sons Towing, One of the Select Series to Get Funding from Canada’s IPF

L to R: Tony Lombardo, Jon Smith, Dave Brennan and Eric Toth

When you call a tow truck, things are usually at a low point. If we’re going full
cliche, it’s usually pouring rain, your heel just broke and you’re crazy-late for an
important meeting. But Bill & Sons Towing is a call you’ll happily make. In fact, you’ll stay on the line for the full 10 episodes of this hilarious – and sometimes surprisingly poignant – web series about a floundering tow truck company run by four bickering brothers. I interviewed co-creator Mark DeAngelis about the project, and here’s what he had to say…

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