Pitch Your Comedy Web Series to Senior Execs at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival


The Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal is one of the most prestigious comedy festivals in the world.

For the second year in a row they are doing a Web Series Pitch Fest competition where you have a chance to pitch your comedy web series idea to top online channels and some of the best comedy producers in the business.  The deadline this year has just been extended but it’s soon: THIS FRIDAY: MAY 17th!

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Competition to win $15,000/ Episode to Produce Your Web Series

Zoomtilt is a really interesting company combining branded entertainment with web series. Sure, it might make your stomach turn a little to think of bending your artistic vision to incorporate a brand’s desires, but maybe there’s a brand out there with a similar mission statement, interested in the same stories as you.

Vistaprint, the company partnering in this competition, is looking for web series to partner with.  I’m not willing to turn my nose up at this, especially since… network TV is a slave to it’s sponsors too and we don’t judge writers who want to work there. Hell, I want to work there. So check out this company and see if this competition might be right for you. Share your thoughts below and if you submit, keep me updated on your story.

Announcing the Launch of the Vistaprint Micro-Business Web Series Competition

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The Reluctant Celebrity Ad Campaign! Get More Views the Unconventional Way

Robin Williams Does Not Want To Be Here.

Chloe Taylor (Private Practice, Ave 43) and Jennifer Erholm write and star in the quirky serialized drama web series The Mop and Lucky Files about two girls who start a PI firm in an abandoned storage unit.  They had a lot going for them: compelling script, high production value, great actors, and yet… few views came their way.  Granted, they had a lot working against them too: They aren’t endorsed by a YouTube channel or brand, and they have long episodes and dramatic plot driven content, still a tough sell on the web.

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Google + Film Festival: Nov. 9th Deadline for Submissions

The deadline for submissions to the Unofficial Google Plus Film Festival is November 9th. This is the second annual Unofficial G+ Film Festival and the first where web series will be accepted. It’s also FREE, which is always a +.  The event is co-sponsored this year by Blind Lyle Films and new online webseries school Creator Up. The festival runs from Nov. 30th to Dec. 2nd and will feature blocks of selected short content, each piece under 25 minutes. The festival also includes filmmaker hangouts for featured artists, so it’s a great way to get some exposure for your series and network with artists whose work you see and admire.

Big Screen Little Screen October 2012 Web Showcase

Big Screen Little Screen is a Web series showcase for web video producers, distributors and agencies.  ll be attending this event Tuesday October 30th in the James Cagney Boardroom, at SAG-AFTRA National Headquarters It’s free. HERE’s the info if you’d like to attend as well. I’ll do a little write up on the most interesting things I learn there too for those who can’t go. 

Game Shop premieres today!

Really excited about IGN START’s new web series comedy Game Shop. The show is produced by Principato Young Entertainment and written writers-room style by head writer Andrew Secunda (Conan O’Brien) and the stars Brea Grant (Dexter, Heroes), Colton Dunn (Parks and Recreation, The League), Barak Hardley (Greek), and Jordan Morris (Fuel TV). At the Digital Hollywood conference last week, I heard some wise words spoke by  Morris regarding web series, that they should “have the pace of a comedy sketch and the beats of a television show,” and it looks like Game Shop promises to be just that. Check back tomorrow when I post my interview with Corey Moss, Game Shop producer and VP of Digital Content at Principato Young.