Interview with the writer/creators of Warner Brothers’ H+: The Digital Series

H+: The Digital Series, Warner Premiere Digital’s apocalyptic tale of computer implants in the human mind, is my recommendation this Thursday in the LA Weekly for the Best of the Web. You can read my article on the LA WEEKLY website HERE or check it out in the print edition in the FILM section.

The innovative storytelling of first-time creators John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso as well as the insightful direction by Stewart Hendler on what a studio would call a shoe-string budget, was one of the main reasons I wanted to feature this piece. Cabrera and Tommaso created the world of the show back in 2006 and pursued it’s creation through years of setbacks. I think their story is inspirational for writers and exciting for those interested in creating new forms of storytelling specifically for the web. Here is my entire interview with Cosimo and John that I used as research for my LA Weekly piece.

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Interview with Big Country Blues Writer/Director Brian A. Ross


Remember Big Country Blues, that award winning dramatic web series I said was really really worth your time back at Thanksgiving? Well at long last, here is my interview with up and coming writer/director Brian A. Ross.  Brian has had a lot of success with the series and even has distribution lined up in FRANCE. But he made mistakes too, which he shares candidly here for you so you don’t have to do the same.

If you are at all interested in creating a dramatic web series, or if you just enjoy a good story and great film making, I can’t recommend enough taking the time to watch this five episode series about a Kentucky singer/songwriter who goes to Nashville to audition for in an exploitative country music Reality Show.   Ross has crafted each character and scene so well that each moment within this very short narrative speaks volumes. Big Country Blues is an example of how storytelling for the web can actually make us better storytellers, because in this shortened genre, every moment is precious.

“Big Country Blues” Trailer from Brian A Ross on Vimeo.

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The #1 Web Series You Should Watch This Holiday Season

“Big Country Blues” Trailer from Brian A Ross on Vimeo.

Give yourself the gift this Thanksgiving weekend of doing something you have NEVER done before:  Watch a 10 minute episode of a dramatic web series.  I know, I know, the cat littler needs changing and there’s a funny SNL sketch on Hulu you want to show to your uncle Mick from Chicago who sells chairs out of a back of a van, but seriously. Grab someone you love and physically force them to watch one episode of the award winning web series Big Country Blues with you.  I promise you’ll be begging everyone else around to open their laptops and catch up with you, so you can all watch episode two together.

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The Reluctant Celebrity Ad Campaign! Get More Views the Unconventional Way

Robin Williams Does Not Want To Be Here.

Chloe Taylor (Private Practice, Ave 43) and Jennifer Erholm write and star in the quirky serialized drama web series The Mop and Lucky Files about two girls who start a PI firm in an abandoned storage unit.  They had a lot going for them: compelling script, high production value, great actors, and yet… few views came their way.  Granted, they had a lot working against them too: They aren’t endorsed by a YouTube channel or brand, and they have long episodes and dramatic plot driven content, still a tough sell on the web.

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Scott Brown – Stockholm, Blue Movies (6 million views) talks about Story Structure and Making a Living on the Web

Photo by: Michael Tringe

Streamy nominated writer/ director Scott Brown’s web series Blue Movies has gained over 6 million views on and Virgin Airlines.  Scott directed the dramatic web series Asylum, which was acquired by BET digital for a 2nd season and was the director/editor of online content for the Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State . He is currently a producer/director on HULU’s  Larry King Now and has a new web series Stockholm, a dark comedy about a kidnapped woman who discovers something unexpected in the dark basement of an insane, yet captivating serial killer.

What lead you to create your first web series, Blue Movies, a PG-13 show about the number two porn company fighting to be number one?

I started making sketches with friends and putting them on YouTube. A friend said, ‘Hey, I have a friend with a studio in the Valley. It has a ton of sets like a grocery store, a hospital, an old vaudeville set. ’ Turned out it was a porn studio. The owner had been buying up old Paramount sets to eventually shoot his own feature, but in the meantime he was filming porn.  That inspired me to write Blue Movies, which we shot in that studio.

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