My Gimpy Life – An Episodic Tight Beat Show- What Works/What Doesn’t

My Gimpy Life – What Works/What Doesn’t

My Gimpy Life is an episodic comedy series created by and starring Teal Sherer, loosely based on her real life awkward adventures as a disabled actress in Hollywood. Sherer is best known for playing Venom on Felicia Day’s web series The Guild. The show is written by Gabe Uhr.

What Works:

I’ve never seen a show with this concept. I’ve never heard these stories.  And I want to. That’s a great place to start.  Sherer identified that she had a unique perspective and found a way to share her stories through a comedic lens.  All that’s awesome, as is the production value. Thanks to her friends in the web world and strong concept she was able to get funding up front to make it look great.  That being said, only two of the five episodes from season one work from a story format standpoint and that’s too bad since this show has so much going for it.

Here’s one that works. See below for why.

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