Starting a YouTube Channel? Find out if Partnering with VISO – BroadbandTV’s Creator Network is Right for You


Distracted by free T-shirt swag, I blindly stumbled into Broadband TV’s booth at VidCon this year.  Between selecting the “Watch Me On….” logo for my t-shirt and managing the two 12 year old girls I had brought with me, I learned about VISO, Broadband’s new networking community for content creators.  Luckily, someone screamed that iJustine had just blinked nearby and the girls ran off, allowing me the pleasure of chatting one on one with Andrew Wall, or Awall, who’s the head of The Gaming Network (TGN) and been with Broadband TV for almost two years.  – Erin Stegeman

What is Viso?  What are some of the benefits of Viso versus any Jo just signing up for a channel on YouTube?
VISO is a network community that consists of passionate video creators in the Gaming, Music, Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle genres. As a part of BroadbandTV, VISO is the 4th largest MCN on YouTube, and continues to grow at a blinding speed. TGN is also a YouTube network under Broadband TV, and focuses solely on gaming. Our tagline is “We Are Gamers” because TGN was built by gamers for gamers. We support gaming YouTubers and help them pursue their passion and make a living doing it. Our partners, staff, and viewers all engage in our
community and eSports events making TGN the only gaming network you can truly participate in. We are the largest eSports YouTube Network, and you can check out our eSports partners and initiatives here.

Friends in Therapy – Bare-Bones Online Comedy at Its Best – Full Interview

Joe Towne & Daryl Johnson

Joe Towne & Daryl Johnson

This week in my column for the LA Weekly, I featured the indie web series, Friends In Therapy, which I discovered at the Hollyweb Fest. When I first saw the series, I thought the acting, writing and comedic timing was just brilliant. When I learned the show was completely improvised, I was even more impressed. All eight episodes are under two minutes each so you can watch the whole first season in about fifteen minutes, and I highly recommend it. As you probably guessed, it’s about two friends… in therapy. You can check out my LA Weekly feature on why I like the show so much HERE or in the paper today. In addition, below is my full interview with creator/stars Daryl Johnson and Joe Towne. Enjoy!

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Interview with the writer/creators of Warner Brothers’ H+: The Digital Series

H+: The Digital Series, Warner Premiere Digital’s apocalyptic tale of computer implants in the human mind, is my recommendation this Thursday in the LA Weekly for the Best of the Web. You can read my article on the LA WEEKLY website HERE or check it out in the print edition in the FILM section.

The innovative storytelling of first-time creators John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso as well as the insightful direction by Stewart Hendler on what a studio would call a shoe-string budget, was one of the main reasons I wanted to feature this piece. Cabrera and Tommaso created the world of the show back in 2006 and pursued it’s creation through years of setbacks. I think their story is inspirational for writers and exciting for those interested in creating new forms of storytelling specifically for the web. Here is my entire interview with Cosimo and John that I used as research for my LA Weekly piece.

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To Season Two, or Not To Season Two? That was the Question for Shilpi Roy and Hipsterhood. Read Why (& How) She Went For It

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 12.14.30 AM
What made you personally want to do a season 2?

I will be totally honest. After season 1 I was totally burned out. If I never heard the word hipster again, it would be too soon. All I wanted to do was move onto my next project, which I envisioned would be – an artsy, dramatic feature film that would only be appreciated by art lovers; the opposite of Hipsterhood. But then all these little twitter and youtube comments kept popping up for me, and it was Hipsterhood fans who really wanted to know what happens to Cereal Guy and Faux Fur Girl. Like, they REALLY wanted to know, and they were upset the story was over. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount of comments, but I started to feel a responsiblity to my fans.

And so, I got over myself, and I wrote season 2. Believe me when I say season 2 is not about money, or fame, or even career-building. Season 2 is happening because the fans made me realize that the story of Hipsterhood is not over.

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The Reluctant Celebrity Ad Campaign! Get More Views the Unconventional Way

Robin Williams Does Not Want To Be Here.

Chloe Taylor (Private Practice, Ave 43) and Jennifer Erholm write and star in the quirky serialized drama web series The Mop and Lucky Files about two girls who start a PI firm in an abandoned storage unit.  They had a lot going for them: compelling script, high production value, great actors, and yet… few views came their way.  Granted, they had a lot working against them too: They aren’t endorsed by a YouTube channel or brand, and they have long episodes and dramatic plot driven content, still a tough sell on the web.

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Interview with David S. Samuels CEO of

David S Samuels, CEO of

This week I interviewed David S. Samuels,  CEO, one of the premiere international online networks for web series, short films and documentaries. KoldCast has a very different model and attitude towards content than, whose CEO I interviewed previously.  Most shows launch on a combination of networks or premiere on one and move to others.  David shares his insights on how to view your show as a business and the future of content consumption on the web.

How does a show end up on your site? 

Virtually every show we license has been submitted to us for distribution consideration. At this time KoldCast receives over 125 monthly submissions from filmmakers/producers eager to see their Show on our Network.  We curate from this group and select the shows that meet our internal requirements. Out of each group of monthly submissions, we hope to be able to license six to eight shows.

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