To Season Two, or Not To Season Two? That was the Question for Shilpi Roy and Hipsterhood. Read Why (& How) She Went For It

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What made you personally want to do a season 2?

I will be totally honest. After season 1 I was totally burned out. If I never heard the word hipster again, it would be too soon. All I wanted to do was move onto my next project, which I envisioned would be – an artsy, dramatic feature film that would only be appreciated by art lovers; the opposite of Hipsterhood. But then all these little twitter and youtube comments kept popping up for me, and it was Hipsterhood fans who really wanted to know what happens to Cereal Guy and Faux Fur Girl. Like, they REALLY wanted to know, and they were upset the story was over. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount of comments, but I started to feel a responsiblity to my fans.

And so, I got over myself, and I wrote season 2. Believe me when I say season 2 is not about money, or fame, or even career-building. Season 2 is happening because the fans made me realize that the story of Hipsterhood is not over.

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Allyn Rachel & Patrick Carlyle – Couple Time, a Slice-of-Life Series about Weird Stuff Couples Do When No One’s Around. Now a Pilot at Fox

Real life actor/writer couple Allyn Rachel and Patrick Carlyle decided to make a slice of life web series about the weird things couples do when no one else is around.  Eight episodes in and they sold the show to FOX with Ellen Degeneres Producing. Read my interview with them last year when the series had just started HERE. And keep an eye out for my follow up interview with them about turning their web series into a network pilot.