Steph’s LA Weekly Pick of the Week: Ask A Slave

Azie Mira Dungey at Mount Vernon - photo by Johnny Shryock

Azie Mira Dungey at Mount Vernon – photo by Johnny Shryock

As the disclaimer to my LA Weekly Article this week states, I’ve known Azie Mira Dungey for a while. We studied acting at NYU together and reconnected when my fiance was living in DC a year or so ago. That’s when Azie told us about the museum theater work she’d been doing for the last few years at the Smithsonian, in addition to performing in the DC theater scene, and her most recent gig portraying Caroline Branham, George Washington’s housemaid, at Mount Vernon. Azie was full of stories about the unbelievable questions visiting tourists asked her, ranging from ignorant to blatantly racist. She had us doubled over in laughter with her recitations but also cringing and often horrified. We actually visited her at Mount Vernon and sat in on a Q&A.

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Pitch Your Comedy Web Series to Senior Execs at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival


The Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal is one of the most prestigious comedy festivals in the world.

For the second year in a row they are doing a Web Series Pitch Fest competition where you have a chance to pitch your comedy web series idea to top online channels and some of the best comedy producers in the business.  The deadline this year has just been extended but it’s soon: THIS FRIDAY: MAY 17th!

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Streamy Awards are Today.

“Content creators who are making web stuff are legitimate quality creators” (no shit Chris Hardwick!) “And we’re gonna celebrate ’em. We’re gonna give ’em awards!” (Thank you Chris Hardwick!)

You can watch the Streamy’s live streaming HERE. I will also be AT the Streamy awards, covering the event for the LA Weekly.  So stay tuned for my article on show recommendations, digital biz info & creator tips coming out next week.

For the past few years (this is only the 3rd annual) these awards have been patting the same group of creators on the back and congratulating each other, and based on the nominee list, it doesn’t look like this year is much different. But as more quality content (yours) arrives on the scene, these awards will get more competitive and hopefully help driving views towards good content as opposed to just honoring those who are able to gain a following.

If I’ve featured a show on this site anywhere, it’s because I think it’s pretty darn good.  This page is where you’ll find my totally subjective and biased recommendations for shows I think are awesomeas I find them.



I’ve been enjoying YouTube speed-rap sensation George Watsky’s series: Watsky’s Making an Album.  Produced by TV/digital production company Electus and the uber talented and versatile production company Kids At Play (who also worked on Game Shop), the episodic show follows Watsky as he tries to make an album to take advantage of a very sketchy record deal.  I like the fact that Watsky has a season long mission to create the album, which keeps you tuning in, but each episode is it’s own self-contained adventure.

This is the first stand-alone web series from NBC Digital Studios. It’s a serialized comedy following office worker Stuart Grundy (Tony Hale) and his magical keyboard that allows him to control the world around him through computer functions.  It’s actually based on a short film that was at Sundance called Ctrl Z and was developed and produced as a web series by SXM Entertainment. You can view it on Hulu.