Web Series Networks

This is a list of the major online networks currently bringing you web series.

YouTube. Duh. Also bringing you viral videos, cat videos, videos made by five year olds who stole their dad’s cameras, giggling teenage girl videos, pirated parts of sit-com and movie videos, heartfelt videos, angry videos, the next Justin Beiber, and fart jokes. Anyone can post on here.  Lots of production companies have their own YouTube channel as well as many writer/directors. You can make one too.


Jts.tv offers exclusive access to carefully selected web series and award winning short films for a subscriber price of $3.99/month. Anyone can view the first episode of any series for free.  A larger percentage of the revenue than most network sites  goes to the series creators for each view. Read my interview with Jts CEO Carter Mason HERE.

Blip.tv offers a selection of web series hand picked by their editors.  Their many genres are easily searchable to find what you’re in the mood for.   Their shows vary in production quality from very professional to uber-DIY.  As more web series are being produced, it seems their quality of content is getting steadily better

KoldCast.tv is similar to Blip.tv in that it offers series in a wide variety of genres and production quality.  They also have an international focus, bringing shows from around the world.  Koldcast has three different partnership options for contract producers to potentially make revenue from their series.

Channel 101 is a short film competition started by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab. It takes place once a month in LA (at the Downtown Independent) and NYC.  Each week contestants submit for screening a 5 min or less pilot to a web series.  About 10 shorts screen per month and the audience votes on which ones they would like to see return with another episode. The top five series return with a new episode to be voted on the next month. You can view the current winners and their past episodes on the Channel 101 site.

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